Quintarelli Amabile del Cere 2007 (375ml)

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Type: Sweet Wine   Volume: 375ml

Winery: Quintarelli

Country: Italy   Region: Veneto

District: Veneto IGT

Ratings and Tasting Notes:

Harvested before most other grapes, at the end of August and beginning of September, with careful selection of grapes during harvest. After harvest, grapes sit in wooden boxes or on rush mats, pressed at the end of January/beginning of February when noble rot has developed on 30% to 40% of the grapes. Fermentation starts with indigenous yeasts after 20 days and lasts approximately 50 days. Wine is aged in French oak barrels (Limousin, Allier, Tronçais) for five to six years. During the aging process, alcoholic fermentation continues.
The rarest of all the Quintarelli wines - named after a lost barrel that was hidden under food stores and undiscovered during a Nazi raid of the property during WWII. The barrel was discovered years later and the wine had aged beautifully.