Diane Semillon 2019

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Type: White Wine   Volume: 750ml

Winery: Diane

Country: France   Region: Bordeaux

District: Entre Deux Mers

Ratings and Tasting Notes:

From the Winery:

T H E  W I N E M A K E R ’ S  I N S P I R A T I O N

Diane captures the aura of a historic grape variety, behind the great Bordeaux wines. Jacques Lurton and his teams roam the vineyard, taste the fruit, and select the finest grapes to find the epitome of complexity and elegance.

W H E N  T O  E N J O Y

The Goddess Diane is charmingly discreet. She is best enjoyed in a calm setting, far from outdoor distractions. She is more of an evening person when the sun goes down and the stress of the day fades. She is equally enjoyable by the fireside or under candlelight.

White fruit, peach, intense pear; Notes of brioche and cake dough; Sémillon surprises with its impressively long aftertaste and good concentration rarely seen in a dry white wine. Its roundness perfectly enhances pear notes, while the long finish is reminiscent of the finest Sémillon.