【Top 1% of Wines in The World】Domaine Philippe Charlopin

The Godfather of Cote de Nuits. One of The Most Respected Wine Producers in Burgundy

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Philippe Charlopin, the Godfather of Cote de Nuits. One of the most respected wine producers in Burgundy. Domaine Philippe Charlopin Charmes Chambertin 2018 was ranked as the world's top 1% wines on Vivino.
Domaine Philippe Charlopin was established by Philippe when he purchased his first vines in Gevrey-Chambertin in 1978. Throughout his early years, Philippe was a student of the great Henri Jayer and his winemaking philosophy is greatly impacted by Henri, who is an icon of Burgundy who is known for introducing important innovations to regional winemaking as well as his elegant, pure and highly sought-after wines.

Philippe Charlopin,"夜丘的教父",勃艮第最受尊敬的葡萄酒生產商之一。Domaine Philippe Charlopin Charmes Chambertin 2018在Vivino上被評為世界首1%的葡萄佳釀
Domaine Philippe Charlopin於1978年由Philippe在Gevrey-Chambertin購入第一批葡萄樹時創立。Philippe早年曾是傳奇釀酒師Henri Jayer的學生,他的釀酒哲學受到Henri極大影響。他是勃艮第的標誌人物,以在當地葡萄酒釀造中引入重要創新技術以及他的優雅,純正和搶手的葡萄酒而聞名。