Morgon Master in Beaujolais-Domaine Jean Foillard

Domaine Jean Foillard, Beaujolais, France
讓你愛上薄酒萊的自然酒大師-Jean Foillard
The Legend of Domaine Jean Foillard-薄酒萊的傳奇酒莊

From release through decades of aging, there's no Cru Beaujolais producer that's equaled the thrills of Jean Foillard. Young producers like Yann Bertrand call him a mentor, while his contemporaries call him the Morgon Master. Regardless of where your preferences lie within the unparralled values found in Cru Beaujolais, one thing is clear: Jean Foillard is the benchmark.

The wines have a reputation for combining lushness and fresh fruit aromas with depth, complexity and structure, which gives them not only great appeal when young but also considerable aging potential. The wines avoid the bubblegum aromas that can be associated with the Gamay grape and Beaujolais winemaking.

Domain Jean Foillard is now an emblematic figure of the natural wine movement. This winemaker took no time in exalting the terroirs of Morgon and the Côte-du-Py, with wines that are as silky and suave as they are concentrated and made for cellaring. An unmissable signature, one of the most sought-after in the region. The wines from this domain are a must try, here’s a look at the selection available to hunt!

從一開始到經過數十年的沉澱,沒有任何一個薄酒萊酒莊能像Jean Foillard一樣令人振奮。像Yann Bertrand這樣的年輕的釀酒師會稱他為導師,而和他的同時代的人也會稱他為Morgon Master。無論最喜愛的薄酒萊紅酒中是哪款,都有一件事很清楚,Jean Foillard便是薄酒萊的基準指標。


Domain Jean Foillard現在是天然葡萄酒運動的象徵人物。這位釀酒師釀造出的葡萄酒如絲般柔滑、柔和,濃縮了Morgon和 Côte-du-Py的風土。一個不容錯過的薄酒萊代表,是該地區最受歡迎的酒莊之一。薄酒萊必須嘗試的酒莊之一,GDV精選年份推介: