Le Nez du Vin

“… recognizing the aromas is more difficult than it sounds, it’s like meeting an old friend on the street and not being able to remember his name. (…) Le Nez du Vin® is a great icebreaker, the minute you open the lid, everyone wants to get into the act…” -The New York Times


Jean Lenoir, Founder-Inventor of Le Nez du Vin®


“Much of what we taste in the glass- about 70%- is based on its bouquet. Our sense of smell is one of our most powerful senses. But our nose needs to be trained. And as anyone who has sufficiently developed their sense of smell and learned the basics of a wine-tasting vocabulary will tell you, once mastered, wine will never taste the same again. (…) Personally, I like to use Le Nez du Vin® to keep sharp. My advice would be to try to master the scent of a few unusual but prevalent smells. The, the next time a sommelier hands you a glass to taste, or you find yourself in the cellars of a well-known winery, you’ll be able to sniff like an expert.” -Will Lyons, The Wall Street Journal, October 2013


“...Whether for business or pleasure, as a wine education aid or a challenging game among friends, professional wine sensory kit for wine makers or merchants, now becoming popular with sophisticated wine consumers.” -Wine Spectator


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