RP98-99 Selection

Scores are incredibly important when it comes to choosing wine, it’s a simple concept but they help to guide us towards the best buy for the money.

Robert M. Parker, The father of modern wine criticism, arguably the most influential wine critic in the world. Today, a 100-point Parker score can make or break a wine brand. Anything from 90 points upwards is generally considered to be a good bottle of wine and anything from 98 points is considered to be outstanding, 99 points is exceptional and almost unheard of, these rare wines we selected almost reaching a mystical level and joining the rare few in the wine hall of fame!  >>Know more about Robert M. Parker

Enjoy a 15% VIP discount of 【RP98-99 Selection】, a maximum 25% discount upon purchase of any four bottles!
Promotion valid till 19 Mar 2021.


羅伯特·帕克(Robert M.Parker),現代葡萄酒評論家之父,可以說是世界上最有影響力的葡萄酒評論家。如今,100-point Parker score的分數可以决定一個葡萄酒品牌的成敗。90分以上的酒通常被認為是一瓶好酒,凡是98分以上的都被認為是優秀的,99分以上的都是非凡的,幾乎聞所未聞的,我們挑選的這些珍稀葡萄酒幾乎達到了神話的境界。