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Pomerol/ Margaux/ Haut-Médoc/ Pauillac
Top-Class Wineries in 4 Different Bordeaux Styles

如同99分的神級美酒,每瓶只需約HK$ 200元!

Allees de Cantemerle | Baron de Brane | By Clinet | Lacoste Borie
ETA by the end of February 2021
To taste the Top-Class Winery Flavor at a valuable price, Second wine is a great choice for you! Second wines come from the same terroirs as an estate's “First Wine,” and receive the same careful attention during their creation. These wines are made with younger vines, which, though they may be included in the blend of the grand vin, have not yet reached their full complexity. Second wines are also made using similar—if not identical—viticulture and vinification methods. They are often more accessible and designed to be drunk earlier. They make it possible to taste the style of the Chateau, with lighter prices.

GDV sincerely recommends the following high-quality "Second Wine" which are aromatically generous, with primary fruit aromas, the style close to their First Wine which nearly full marks in the past vintages, and provide a complex tasting experience. They are perfect for any occasion, and like their First Wine have excellent aging potential!

要以實惠的價格品嚐頂級酒莊風味,副牌是您的理想選擇!葡萄酒的副牌與莊園的正牌來自同一地域,在釀造過程中受到同樣的關注。分別在於這些葡萄酒是用較年輕的葡萄藤釀造,雖然它們可能包含在First Wine的混合中,但還沒有達到它們的全部複雜性。副牌也使用與正牌類似的葡萄栽培和釀造方法。它們通常更容易入手,而且適飲期設計得更早。可以以較低的價錢便品嘗到該酒莊的風格。

GDV誠意推薦以下極高質副牌,芳香濃郁,帶有原始的水果香味,風格接近於First Wine,而他們的First Wine在過去的多個年份中都近乎滿分,提供令人難忘的品嘗體驗。他們可完美配合任何場合,就像他們的First Wine一樣有極好的陳年潜力!最新推出,預計2021年2月底到達。

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